Eurocon 2013 UK Agent Announcement


Eurocon 2013 now has a UK Agent for payments in UK currency only.

Payments to the Agent have to be sent by snail mail to him (D J Lally, 64 Richborne Tce,  London, SW8 1AX, UK) together with details of both the snail mail address(es) of the payers and their e-mail addresses (the latter for confirmation of receipt).

The UK Agent can ONLY accept cheques in UK currency (payable to "D J Lally" and crossed "No 6 a/c").  
Do NOT send
(a) foreign currency cheques (even loaded for conversion charges)  -- he will e-mail you and advise of their destruction 
(b) cash in any form.

The current attending membership fee p/person is UK£25 (and will remain the same up to the very end of advance membership acceptance, i.e. 01st April 2013).
The agent will accept no fees after his 1st post on Mon 01st April 2013 (and thereafter only Walk-In rates in Ukrainian currency [estimated value between £30 and £33] – payable on arrival at the Con – are accepted). The agent can only accept UK£ in respect of attendance at the Con – not fees for accommodation/travel etc.

Monies sent to him must be either   

(1) by Cheque drawn on a Bank in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man
(2) a bank Draft (ask yr bank to make it "drawn in UK£ Sterling on London")
for the appropriate UK£ amount(s)

Where the Agent is attending Cons, he will of course accept cash (in whatever the currency at that Con is (eg UK/Euros etc) and at those Cons, on-the-spot receipts would be given in each case . If a non-UK£ currency is taken, there may be a slight loading on it for later currency conversion to UK£. 

Eurocon 2013 /Kiev would also then confirm membership (after having been advised by the UK Agent).