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Public transport in Kyiv consists of tram, trolleybus, bus, bus routes (marshrutkas) and metro.

Tram, Trolleybus, Bus

Tram, Trolleybus and Bus is a municipal transport in Kyiv. Tickets cost 1.50 UAH (0.15 EUR) and are normally available from a conductor on board or driver. Ticket must be validated by punching a hole with punchers that are attached to the posts inside.

Bus Routes (Marshrutkas)

Municipal and private transport. Bus routes usually connects bedroom districts and suburbs with metro stations and the center of the city.

The fare ranges from 2 UAH (0.2 EUR) to 3 UAH (0.3 EUR). When you board, you pay the driver directly or, if you're not near the driver, pass the money to the nearest passenger who will pass it to the driver. Bus route's driver usually haven't any tickets.


When you enter the Metro, you must purchase an entrance token from the cash desk or from a special ticket machine. One token is valid for one trip, no matter how far you go. A token is 2 UAH (0.2 EUR) and one needs to slip the token into the turnstile to enter.

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