Prolisok Hotel



Prolisok HotelThe base hotel of convention is located in the park, which is a part of the forest in the West of Kiev.
During the registration you also can book a place/room.
Note:There are no currency exchange point or cash dispenser in the hotel.
Address: 139 Peremohy av.
Google maps: 50.452627, 30.336621


per day
Room category 2 persons in the room 1 person in the room
semi-suite 700 UAH (70 EUR) 680 UAH (68 EUR)
standard (twin) 380 UAH (38 EUR) 360 UAH (36 EUR)
Breakfast: 55 UAH (5.5 EUR) per person, not included in the price. You can pay it separately on reception.
Hotel accepts cash in ukrainian hryvnya (UAH) only. Also you can use bank card.
Attention! The hotel accepts Visa and Maestro bank cards only! Other types is NOT accepted.

How To Get

From Metro

Изображение Zhytomyrska (111) metro station.
Bus № 37, 37a (0.15 EUR)
Bus route № 561 (0.25 EUR)
All to the «Camping Prolisok» stop.

By taxi

From ExpoPlaza — 6 km — 5-6 EUR
From Railway Station — 14 km — 8-9 EUR
From Zhulyany Airport (IEV) — 19 km — 9-10 EUR
From Boryspil Airport (KBP) — 45 km — 24-28 EUR

From «Prolisok» to ExpoPlaza

1. Bus route №561 to the «Zhytomyrska metro station» stop.
2. Transfer there to bus route №437 to the «Salyutna st.» stop.
Schema and additional information will be added soon.