Eurocon 2013 Programme


Thursday 11.04.2013


Eurocon hall (exhibition hall 1st floor)
free for public

11:30. Opening Ceremony. Press Conference.

13:00. Presentation of Oleksandr Turchynov's Book The Advent (Oleksandr Turchynov) uk/ru

14:00. Vernadsky: Science Beyond Fiction (Nadiya Zholobak) ru

15:00. Medvin Exhibition Activities

17:00. Speculative Fiction Jeopardy! (Magerram Zeynalov) ru


Room #2 (exhibition hall 1st floor)

12:30. The Problems of Analysis and Systematization of Ukrainian SF and Fantasy As an Important Step in Developing Speculative Fiction in Ukraine (Yuriy Shevela, Vitaliy Karatsupa) uk/ru

14:30. Astronaut Pakal Is Looking for the Crystal Skull, or The Maya Are Not Only the End of the World (Tetiana Plykhnevych) ru

15:15. Comparative Features of the Ukrainian and Russian Book Publishing and Disseminating (Yuriy Ivanov, Gleb Gusakov) ru

16:00. Plot Writing Master Class (Stepan Vartanov) ru/en

17:00. Presentation of “The World of Speculative Fiction” (Mir Fantastiki) Magazine (Lev Lobaryev) ru


Room #3 (exhibition hall 1st floor)

13:00. Alternative Ways of Printing Books (Oleksandr Diatlov) ru

13:30. Local Peculiarities of E-Books (Anton Sanchenko, Yana Dubynianska) uk/ru

14:15. Print on Demand as a Death Sentence for the Old Publishing Houses (Andrii Zhelvetro) ru

15:00. Secret Rooms of The Dark Tower (Volodymyr Areniev) ru

15:45. The Lion-Centaur’s Jump (The Martial Arts of the Intelligent Non-Human Races in M. and S. Dyachenko’s Works) (Grigoriy Panchenko) ru

16:30. What a Contemporary Writer SHOULD NOT Be (by the Speaker’s Personal Example) (Aleksandr Kontorovich) ru

17:15. Workshop on Synopses (Nina Tsyurupa, Yuriy Ivanov) ru


Conference hall #1(2nd floor, balcony)

13:00. Fantasy and National Mythos: the Returning of Old Gods (Ilona Volynskaya, Kirill Kashchieiev) en/ru

13:45. Humorous Fantasy (Stepan Vartanov) en/ru

14:30. Peculiarities of the Ontological Poetics of Speculative Fiction at the Core of Ursula Le Guin’s Works (Nataliya Krynytska) en/ru

15:00. Presentation of Antares, French SF magazine (Anouk Amal, Eric Picholle) en

15:30. Anti-Comics - Wrecking the Stencils (Olga Matvieieva) en

16:15. Presentation of the Antwerpen Bid for the 2016 Eurocon (Peter de Weerdt, Frank Beckers) en

16:45. Presentation of the Finnish Bids for Worldcon in 2015 or 2016 and Eurocon in 2017 (Eemili Aro) en

17:15. Panel: "Science Fiction in Great Britain: Current State and New Trends" (Cheryl Morgan) en


19:00. End of All Activities

19:15. Transfer to Prolisok Hotel


Friday 12.04.2013


Room #2 (exhibition hall 1st floor)
free for public

10:00. Is It Possible to Create an Intelligent Phantom in the World of the Modern Digital Technologies? Novel The Owner as an Attempt to Prove the Immortality of Information about the Intelligent Part of Our Nature (Yuriy Ivanovich) ru


Eurocon hall (exhibition hall 1st floor)
free for public

11:30. Children's Eurocon: Meeting Ilona Volynskaya and Kirill Kashcheev (Ilona Volynskaya, Kirill Kashchieiev) ru

12:30. Presentation of the song "Simple spell" (Oleg Andros, AndrosLand ) uk

13:00. Meeting Yana Dubynianska. Presenting the Book The Prisoner of Hauhraz. Autograph Session (Yana Dubynianska) uk/ru

14:00. Meeting Volodymyr Areniev. Autograph Session, Presentation of New Books and Other Surprises (Volodymyr Areniev) ru

15:00. Meeting Andriy Valentynov. Autograph Session (Andriy Valentynov) ru

16:00. Meeting Andriy Dmytruk. Autograph Session (Andriy Dmytruk) ru

17:00. Medvin Exhibition Activities


The Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU "KPI"

Room #12 (6th floor)

10:00. ESFS Board Meeting (closed for public) en

11:00. Ukrainian Authenticity in the Contemporary Ukrainian Speculative Fiction (At the Core of Dara Korniy’s Works) (Dara Korniy) uk

11:45. Comrade Stalin’s Sky Dieselpunk (Olexandr Vasylkivskyi) ru/en

12:30. Chimerical Prose: Magic Realism, Made in Ukraine (Mikhaylo Nazarenko) en

13:15. Common Mistakes Made by the Authors of Action Genre (Aleksandr Kontorovich) ru

14:00. Speculative Fiction As a Payment of Debts of Literature (Volodymyr Yeshkiliev) uk/ru

14:45. Fantasy: Making a Complex Text for the Accelerating World (Heorhii Pocheptsov) ru

15:30. What Is to Be Done Yesterday? (Stanislav Beskaravaynyi) ru

16:15. At Home Among Strangers: Constructing “Otherness” in Contemporary Speculative Fiction in Russian (Serhiy Leheza) ru

17:00. Presentation of the Dortmund's Bid for the 2017 Eurocon en

Room #14 (6th floor)

10:00. Stopping for A Roadside Picnic (Ville Vuorela) en

11:00. Presentation of the 2014 Worldcon in London (Stephen Cooper) en

11:30. A Brief History of SF on UK TV - BBC (Dave Lally) en

13:00. Presentation of the 2014 Eurocon in Dublin (James Shields, Gareth Kavanagh) en

13:30. A Brief History of SF on UK TV - ITV (Dave Lally) en

15:00. ESFS General Meeting en


Room #15 (6th floor)

10:00. Visions of Terror (Serhiy Krykun) en

11:30. Mandrake - Legends and Lore (Anastasiia Rohoza) en

12:15. Good Doctor Frankenstein (Evgenii Makuhin) ru

13:00. Strange Sexuality in the Cinema of David Cronenberg (Serhiy Krykun) en

13:45. Ukrainian Demonology (Anastasiia Rohoza) en

14:30. Owls: Mythology and Modern Media (Olga Matvieieva) en

15:15. James Branch Cabell – a Forgotten Creator of Worlds (Mikhaylo Nazarenko) ru

16:00. FX in Early Cinema: from Melies to King Kong (Sergey Berezhnoy) en


19:00 End of All Activities

19:15 Transfer to Prolisok Hotel from Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU "KPI".


Saturday 13.04.2013


Conference hall #1 (2nd floor, balcony)

10:00. Graphic Fiction As a Way of Making the Secondary Worlds (Maksym Prasolov) ru/en

11:00. The History of Fantasy in America: Past, Present and Future (Davidson L. Haworth) en

12:00. ESFS General Meeting (voting) en

14:00. ESFS Vote Counting (closed for public) en

15:00. Science Fiction in Ireland (James Shields, Gareth Kavanagh) en

15:30. Science Fiction in Germany (Mathias Kunkel, Eckhard Marwitz) en

16:00. Science Fiction in Hungary (Attila Nemeth) en

16:30. Science Fiction in Belgium (Peter de Weerdt, Frank Beckers, Frank Roger) en


Room #3 (exhibition hall 1st floor)

10:00. Master Class of the “Star Fortress” Literary Association Based on the Results of the 10th Jubilee Story-Writing Contest “Another Life” (Henry Lion Oldie) ru/uk

12:00. Literary Generations in Contemporary Ukrainian Speculative Fiction (Tymur Lytovchenko) uk

12:45. Revolution in History as a Triumph of Sciences (Aleksandr Prozorov) ru

13:30. Are the Ways of Speculative Fiction and Mainstream Literature Parting Again? (Yana Dubynianska) ru

14:15. Promoting Russian and Ukrainian Science-Fiction in France (Patrice Lajoye) en/ru

15:00. Presentation of the St. Petersburg Bid for the 2015 Eurocon (Aleksandr Sidorovich) ru/en

15:30. Panel: "How to Run a Eurocon: Chairs of the 2010, 2011, 2012 Eurocon Committees Share Their Experience" (Piotr Cholewa, Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf, Petra Bulić) en

16:30. Presentation of the Internet Resource “Argonauts of the Universe”. Report “Bibliography of the Ukrainian Speculative Fiction of 1900-1960”. (Vitalii Henyk, Mykola Kovalchuk) uk


Conference hall #5 (2nd floor, balcony)
free for public

10:00. Meeting Olga Gromyko. Autograph Session (Olga Gromyko) ru

11:00. Meeting Christopher Priest. Autograph Session (Christopher Priest) en/ru

12:00. Meeting Vadim Panov. Autograph Session (Vadim Panov) ru

13:00. Speculative Fiction of Today and Tomorrow (Serhiy Dyachenko) ru

13:50. Meeting Serhiy Dyachenko. Autograph Session (Serhiy Dyachenko) ru

14:50. Presentation of Yuliya Andreeva’s Book “Triumvirate” (Yuliya Andreeva) ru

15:10. Yugen, or The Ghost of Japanese Policeman (Henry Lion Oldie) ru

16:00. Meeting Henry Lion Oldie. Autograph Session (Henry Lion Oldie) ru


Eurocon hall (exhibition hall 1st floor)
free for public

10:00. Medvin Exhibition Activities

17:00. Awarding ceremony


18:00. End of All Activities

18:30 Transfer to Prolisok Hotel


Prolisok Hotel

after19:00: Pan-European Party


Sunday 14.04.2013

Free day


List of Speakers

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