Andriy Valentynov

ИзображениеAndriy Valentynov – born March 18, 1958 in Kharkov. Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Is keen on archaeology, took part in excavations for many years, mainly in Chersonese. The author names his genre ‘cryptohistory’. Since 1996 he has published more than thirty novels and several dozens of stories and short stories, being awarded with more than thirty prizes.
Author of more than 30 novels, dozens of novelettes, short stories and articles. A prize-winner of a lot of awards in Sci-Fi. Nominated for the Best Author at current Eurocon.
From autobiography of Andriy Valentynov: ‘Having respect for SF, I refer myself more to historic belletrists, sometimes working in the genre of Wells and Heinlein. In this regard, the closest to me among my colleague writers is Lev Vershinin, fantasy author and antic historian. In general, I hold certain prejudice against SF, especially against its space branch (close the book when come across ‘spacecraft’ word). From modern Russian-language authors I like, respect and read Oldie, Haezkaya, Lukin, Rybakov, Dyachenko and Vershinin.
Dream: to write something light, very funny and, curiously enough, space-related.
Personal life – ordinary. Married, for a long time, handle cactuses and bring up a bold Dutch rabbit named Layon. I like the sea and mountains, used to be at both places regularly, nowadays, sadly, rarely’.
Was nominated for Eurocon award from Ukraine in ‘Hall of Fame. Best Author’.