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Shiko Publishing House

Shiko Publishing House


Nominated for the Hall of Fame: Best Publisher at current EuroCon.

Ukrainian publishing house "Shiko" (Luhansk) has released the first book 6000 copies in 1997. Since 2009, the publishing house specializing in science fiction, was publishing hundreds of popular books. During this time "Shiko" has achieved fame both in Ukraine and outside the country. This is supported by reviews from grateful readers in country and abroad, and co-working famous authors with the publisher. Book stand of "Shiko" is a traditional center of communication at festivals.


  • Award from TM "Second pancake" (Ukraine, Kharkov, the festival "Star Bridge);
  • "Karamzin’s cross" (Russia, Moscow, "Bastkon-2011", for the book “The Fall of Sophia” by E. Khaetskaja); 
  • Diploma Literary Prize Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (Russia, St. Petersburg, 2012, for "The Book about Prashkevich" by A. Etoev and V. Larionov);
  • Award "InterpressCon" (Russia, St. Petersburg, 2012, for "The Book about Prashkevich" by A. Etoev and V. Larionov);
  • "Purple Crystal" (Ukraine, Partenit, the festival "Constellation Ayu-Dag", for the book "Gad" by V. Demchenko).

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the publishing house "Shiko" has been nominated for "Eurocon" as the best publisher of Ukraine.

Fiction is a favorite child "Shiko." Well known to the readers series of "Big Science Fiction", "Anthology of M&F", "Word's games", "Neologism" (a series for beginners) all time replenished. New series, such as "It's time to read" (fiction for children and youth), will be added for it at an early date. Publisher is working with authors of "Major League" (Gennady Prashkevich, H. L. Oldie, Vitaly Zabirko, Dahlia Truskinovskaya, Elena Khaetskaya, Sviatoslav Loginov) and at the same time open for new writers. Dozens of talented authors debuted in "Shiko" for the past two years.

Second Pancake Award Books at Convention Time

Svyatoslav Loginov short stories Novel of Gennadiy Prashkevich Bibliographic book about Prashkevich - prize-winner of Strugatsky Award Anton Lik - nominated on Encouragement Award from Byelarus Aleksandra Davydova - nominated on Encouragement Award from Russia

Novel of Roman Shmarakov nominated at InterPressCon in Debut Poetry of Oleg Ladyzhensky (H.L.Oldie) Olexiy Hedeonov - award-winner of Ukrainian prize Aktyvatsia Slova Dmitry Gromov's (H.L.Oldie) short stories