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Raydo's Your Entrance

Raydo's Your Entrance


Nominated for the Spirit of Dedication: Best Perfomance at current EuroCon.


(performance on the novel by H. L. Oldie, the best science fiction writers of Europe, 2006)

raydo1.jpgStudio theater "Raydo" (Ukraine, Kiev)

Artistic Director: Yuri Sushko

Director: Victoria Erven

Set design: Catherine Kotenko, Vassa Bagalika.

Choreography: Tatiana Kotenko.


What is this play about?

It’s about common people, like you and me, who are woken up by the sound of the alarm-clock in the morning to go to work, who go by trams during the rush-hour, go to the shop for milk, take their kids to the kindergarten, stand in a line to the metro ticket office and go to the closest market on Sundays. I even won’t be surprised, if I learn that this story has really happened to some of you at first, and only later has become the property of literature of our country.

Moreover, it seems to me that it still happens from time to time and is going to happen while people inhabit the Earth. And since it became a custom that if the story is going on in a town N, you can never be sure that the main character of this play is not you, my dear spectator. And do not tell later, that, well, it couldn’t possibly happen - I was there, in the auditorium with my ticket and my handbill, wasn’t I? It’s because the theater is not such a simple thing, as it may seem to you at first sight. 

And it is absolutely not improbable, that sitting in a cosy armchair of the stalls, you will suddenly hear a cue addressed personally to you – “It is your entrance”.


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