Vadim Panov

panov_t.jpgVadim Panov was born on November 15, 1972 in the family of military man. His childhood was spent travelling all over the country. He changed many schools, only at one school he stayed for three years in a row. In 1989 he went to the Aeronautical Institute, the Aircraft Radio Electronics Faculty (FRELA), which is known, in particular, because of the ‘Mirror’ student theatre under the leadership of Aleksey Tolkachev. He became friends with ‘Mirror’ participants being a first-year student and since the second year he has been an active participant of the theatre. The apotheosis of this activity of the play ‘Such Games’ (1994), staged according to Panov’s play.
Upon graduating from the institute was engaged in business, and in 2001 he thought of Secret City and extensively started the literary activity. Up to date 26 novels were published, the majority of which refer to three author’s lines (‘Secret City’, ‘Enclaves’ and ‘Germetikon’), and several compilations from the mystical line – ‘La mystique de Moscou’. The same-name table game was released according to ‘Secret City’. Besides, the company Narr8 prepares for release the interactive ‘Secret City’ series.
Vadim Panov is married and has two daughters.