Henry Lion Oldie

oldie.jpgHenry Lion Oldie is the pen name of Ukrainian science-fiction writers Dmitriy Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky, composed of the parts of the names and surnames of the authors. Future co-authors got acquainted with each other in the Pelican studio, where Oleg Ladyzhensky was working as a stage director. After having spoken to each other for a while, an idea of writing in collaboration came to Dmitry Gromov’s mind. By now about 200 books have been published under the pen name H.L.Oldie (translations into different languages and re-publications included). They are prize-winners of a good dozen of different awards and nominations. In particular they've received the “Hall of Fame. Best Author” award on the EuroCon 2006.
Oleg Ladyzhensky was born in Kharkiv on the 23 March 1963. After finishing school he entered Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, from which he graduated with honours in the year 1984. After graduation he was employed as a director in the Pelican theater. While working at the theater he directed about 10 performances and therefore became a nominee of the All Union Theater troupes’ festival. He has a black belt in full contact karate-do, he has 1st dan level and is a judge of international category. Since the year 1992 he is a Vice Chairmen of the Martial Arts Amateur Association and a senior instructor of the School of Marital Arts “Gōjū-ryū”. Also fond of jazz.
Dmitry Gromov was born in Simferopol on the 30 March 1963. Since 1974 he lives in Kharkiv. Having finished school he entered NTU KhPI and graduated from it with honours. In the year 1986 he was employed as chemical engineer (his particular area of expertise) by Kharkov Research and Production Association “Karbonat” (“Carbonate”). Several years later he started his PhD studies in the NTU KhPI, but he didn't defend his dissertation when he was in his final semester, as he was fully immersed in his literary activity. Also fond of hard rock, has a brown belt in karate.