Olga Gromyko

ИзображениеOlga Gromyko – Belorussian writer, member of the Union of Writers of Belarus and the Union of Writers of Russia. Has been published since 2003. Author of twelve published books (two in co-authorship with Andrei Ulanov) and the guide for rat keeping, also a number of stories in collections and magazines. She writes humorous science fiction and fantasy. She was several times awarded on SF convents, has various social awards. Part of books was translated and published in Polish and Czech languages.
Olga Gromyko about herself: ‘Was born at midnight September 13 – 14, 1978, in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Since four she has been living in Minsk. Graduated from the Belarus State University trained as biologist, for seven years worked in Scientific-Research Institute of Microbiology, then married, and did not come back after maternity leave. ‘Gromyko’ is the maiden name and now a pseudonym.
Hobbies: fancy rat breeding, horse riding, belt plaiting. Favourite authors – T. Pratchett, J.Chmielewska, G. Durrell, S. Lukianenko. Those are the authors, whose books are complete on shelves, being read repeatedly. The number of favourite books is much more. Favourite film – practically, I do not watch the films once more and cannot choose any. And recently I switched to the series like ‘Castle’, ‘Bones’ and ‘Eureka’.