Maryna and Serhiy Dyachenko

diachenko.jpgThere is a Russian proverb: “Husband and wife make one Satan” (its English equivalent being " Husband and wife live the same life”). Hardly can we correlate the negative connotation of the last word of the Russian proverb with Maryna and Serhiy Dyachenko. In co-authorship they’ve written 27 novels, hundreds of short stories and novellas, books for children – all of them full of kind-heartedness and joy. Their books are translated into different languages, including English, French, German and Chinese. Together they received about 80 literary awards. Among them the “Hall of Fame. Best Author” award received on the European Science-Fiction Convention “EuroCon 2005” in Glasgow (Scotland).
More than 20 feature films, documentary films and animated films were made from their screenplays. Most of the motion pictures shot from their screenplays received a variety of domestic and international film awards. Among their most recently released movies we can find the film «The will of Victory (A Doc Opera) » that was nominated during the film festival in Pasadena, USA in the year 2012 and the series “The White Guard” that received the national film award “Zolotoy Oryol” (literally “Golden Eagle” that is a Russian equivalent of Oscar) as “The Best TV Series” in the year 2013. At present a number of films and TV series are being shot from the screenplays of the couple. In particular, a worldwide known film director Timur Bekmambetov has begun to work on the screen adaptation of their novels “Ritual” and “Vita nostra”.
Having graduated from National University of Theatre, Film and TV in Kiev, Maryna’s primary profession is of a film and theatre actress. Serhiy graduated from VGIK and later on from the film academy, acquiring in such a way two different professions – one of a psychiatrist and one of a screenwriter. They are already together for 20 years and love each other immensely. They are raising a daughter, Anastasia, and are willing to get themselves a cat. They like to spend their time traveling and diving.