Excursion to airspace department of the museum of the National Technical University of Ukraine

16.I.2013 26

airspacemuseum.jpgUkraine is the country with long airspace history. It was in Kiev, where Igor Sikorsky constructed his first helicopter and the first multi-engine plane Russky Vityaz. The planes of Konstantin Kalinin, Kharkov aircraft designer, are described in every encyclopedia of aircraft. Launch vehicles by Yuzhmash Dnepropetrovsk plant were the basis for Soviet strategic and space power. Heavy cargo aircraft Mriya and Ruslan by Oleg Antonov still remain unequalled, and engines by Mikhail Yangel as well as launch vehicles of Yuzhmash are used in many countries.

This Web-cam (http://kpi.ua/cam1) shows the airspace department of the museum of the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ (hereinafter referred to as KPI) from the main building of the university. The aircraft repair shops were situated in those building during World War I. Straight before you there is the monument to Igor Sikorsky. The Avenue of monuments to the famous scientists and engineers, whose study or work was connected with Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, is located between the museum buildings and the main building of KPI.

The excursion is planned for 12:00 12 April. The duration of the excursion is 2 hours. We would kindly ask you to register in advance by comment to this page. If the number of registrants does not exceed 5 April till 10 (date), the excursion will not take place. 


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  1. Nina Horvath

    I would love to join this! I have already booked flight and hotel for the Eurocon.

  2. I'm in.

  3. I'm in.

    That's good! But who are you? :)


  4. А как зарегистрировать 4 человека?)

  5. I'd like to join.

  6. Ольга, просто напишите фамилии этих четырёх человек.

    Johan, welcome!

  7. Наталка Ліщинська

    І мене, і мене візьміть! :-)

  8. клуб фантастики Баку

    Наталья Гараханова, Магеррам Зейналов, Вафа Зейналова

  9. Wojciech Krygier

    I would also like to join!

  10. Карина Хайсарова

    Хочу, хочу, хочу!

  11. Владимир Ларионов

    Поучаствовал бы...

  12. Leena Romppainen

    I'd like to join the excursion.

  13. Count me in as well!

  14. Me! Me! Me!

  15. I'll join y'all for this!

  16. Dear Guests!

    Due to ESFS General Meeting time we change the start time of the trip to 12:00.

  17. Олеся Русалева

    Мне тоже интересно, с удовольствием поучаствую

  18. Елена Первушина

    Первушины -- 3 чел.

  19. Count on me

  20. Минкова Алина

    Минкова и Макарова))

  21. I would like to join as well!

  22. Johann Peterka, Maria and Peter Pohl

    We would love to join as well!

  23. Leena Romppainen

    The new time is unfortunately on top of some programme we want to see, so we are not joining the excursion, but will go separately. Our group: Sami Nikander, Ville Vuorela, Leena Romppainen

  24. Georges Bormand

    If it is still time to register, I'll do.

  25. Due to schedule change and interesting programming I will _probably_ go at some other time too.

  26. Минкова Алина

    Skye, подскажите, где и во сколько встречаемся, чтобы к 12 экскурсия началась? На метро КПИ? Или возле входа в музей? Как узнаем друг друга?