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List of EuroCon 2013 Guest and Speakers is given bleow. Some positions will be added soon.

russia Yuliya Andreeva

Yuliya AndreevaYuliya Andreeva, prose-writer, poet, member of the Union of Writers of St. Petersburg. She was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Works in the genre of historic novel, fantasy, science fiction. Author of more than forty books, including historic-biographical: ‘Irod the Great’, ‘Karl Brullov’, ‘Aivazovsky’, ‘Triumvirate’… In Russia cooperates with such publishing houses as: ‘Veche’, ‘Lenizdat’, ‘Krylov’, ‘Amfora’, etc. She is the compiler of several collections of ‘Petraedr’ literary line. Published in Russia, the USA, Australia, Latvia, Ukraine.

ukraine Volodymyr Areniev

Volodymyr ArenievVolodymyr Areniev is a writer, publicist, literary critic, and editor. His is an author of 17 solo books, and writes to Мир фантастики (Fantasy Fiction World, Moscow) and Личности (Personalities, Kyiv) on a regular basis. Vladimir Areniev's works were published in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, and Estonian languages. His is the recipient of Oles' Honchar and Alexander Beliaiev prizes, the award winner of Voloshyns'kii Competition, the finalist of Debut and Kniguru prizes. In 2004, he was named "The Best Young Fantast of Ukraine" of the Plovdiv Eurocon in Bulgaria.

russia Serge Berezhnoy

Serge BerezhnoySerge V. Berezhnoy - Russian journalist and IT-servises expert, born in Sevastopol, 1966. Since 1984 he was involved in local and national fan clubs activities, was editorial member of several fanzines and prozines. Since 1994 he lives with his family in St.-Petersburg, employed by Terra Fantastica and Amphora publishing houses, also pesented dozens of Russian writers as literary agent. He published several short works of fiction and hundreds of reviews, essays and other non-fiction.

ukraine Stanislav Beskaravaynyi

Stanislav BeskaravaynyiStanislav Beskaravaynyi began his post-graduate studies in philosophy after a year of work at the tube plant. That was also the time he began writing fantasy fiction - apparently, being influenced by the surrounding industrial landscapes and ancient manufacturing installations. Then, the novel Жажда всевластия (Letch for Absolute Power) was published, as well as a couple of dozens of stories and articles. The main genres of his creative activity are hard si-fi (cyberpunk), fantasy sidy magic realism and, obviously, literary criticism, which comes with an attempt to analyse the basic structure of modern fantasy fiction. The main piece of work is The Evolution of Images Sacralisation.

ukraine Yana Dubynianska

Yana DubinyanskaYana Dubynianska is an Ukrainian writer. Her works combine the features of fantasy and intellectual prose. She is the author of more than twenty books, including the novels Пансионат (Boarding House), Сад камней (The Garden of Stones), H2O, Глобальное потепление (Global Warming), Письма полковнику (Letters to the Colonel) and others. She was born in Feodosia, Crimea, and now lives and works in Kyiv. Her works have been published in Russian and Ukrainian languages, and the story Баржа над черной водой (Barge over the Dark Water) was published in English in the USA internet periodical The Infinite Matrix. She is the recipient of numerous literature prizes, among which are Странник (Wanderer) and Boris Strugastsky award Бронзовая улитка (Bronze Snail).

ukraine Alexander Diatlov

Alexander DiatlovAlexander Diatlov is founder and project manager of Knigotopia.Ru. Likes alternative methods of book publishing and actively implement them in Knigotopia. Has big experience in project management and public speeches. From 2010 works under web-projects, connected with book publishing.
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ukraine Gleb Gusakov

Gleb GusakovGleb Gusakov was born in 1966. He is the co-founder of the Снежный Ком М (Snowball M) publishing house, issuing high-quality fantasy fiction. He is the director of Созвездие Аю-Даг (Aiu-Dag Constellation) fantasy festival, during which seminars and master-classes are held and, following the results, an annual collection of novelettes and short stories Настоящая фантастика (Real Fantasy Fiction) is published. He is the mastermind of the literature seminar Parthenit under the guidance of H.L. Oldie and A. Valentynov; the best works are recommended to be published, the rate of seminar members publishing now being 40%.

usa Davidson L. Haworth

Davidson L. HaworthDavidson L. Haworth is an American fantasy writer and the author of the historical fantasy series The Prali Trilogy - The Dragon of Prali, The Wizard of Prali, and The Vampires of Prali. Davidson is known to the world as one of the fathers of historical fantasy. He has performed on stage and written scripts for film and stage; he travels the world speaking about the craft of writing and the history of fantasy. He lives in San Jose, California, with his wife and two children.

ukraine Vitaliy Henyk

Vitaliy HenykVitaliy Henyk – born in 1973. Graduated from Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. Works as history teacher. Writes SF, poetry, songs. He has scientific publications (pre-Christian beliefs of the Slavs). In 2008 was the nominee of Mykhaylo Yatskiv award, nominated in Fiction. In 2009 created the website of Ukrainian-language SF – ‘The Argonauts of the Universe’. He is actively engaged in translation activity. Is the author of more than 600 SF literary translations from Russian, Belarusian and Czech languages.
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ukraine Yuriy Ivanov

Yuriy IvanovYuriy Ivanov – the head of Shyko Publishing House (Lugansk), focused on science fiction (‘Great Science Fiction’, ‘Anthology of Myth’, ‘Play on Words’, ‘Neologism’ libraries; ‘Time to Read’ series is being prepared). Shyko Publishing House works both with well-known authors and newcomers, having published tens of debut books for the last two years. The Publishing House was honored with a number of awards by SF convents for promotion of science fiction. It will be nominated for the Best Publishing House at current Eurocon.

spain Yuriy Ivanovich

Yuriy IvanovichYuriy Ivanovich – born in 1958 in Karaganda (Kazakhstan). Spent childhood in Ukraine. Has been living in Spain since 1999. The first book was written in 2003. Since 2007 has been earning a living as a writer. Has written 55 novels, is working over 56th. 46 novels were published, 9 novels and compilation of stories and short stories are in operation by the publishing house. Apart from literary activity, gives concerts with songs of his own composition in Spain. He is the Chairman of the Russian-language Writers Union in Spain.

ukraine Vitaliy Karatsupa

Vitaliy KaratsupaVitaliy Karatsupa – Ukrainian fan, completist and bibliographer, author and editor of Archive of SF website. Was born in Berdiansk in 1966 г. Communications man by training. Started to collect SF books and information about SF writers being young. As Internet appeared, started closer communication, both virtual and personal, with fans and writers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria and the USA. Since 2005, more than 30 historic and biographic contributions have been published in magazines and almanacs: ‘Shaltai-Boltai’, ‘Fandangо’, ‘UFO’.

russia Aleksander Kontorovich

Aleksander KontorovichAlexander Kontorovich was born in Moscow. He obtained degrees in two specialities: topographer-technician and detailer. He's been keen on mountaineering and guitar poetry. In 1975, he found himself in the army: Political Section, Military Commandants Office, and a special department of the ninth fighter division. After a couple of years of civil life he got back to his service, from which he finally retired in 1996 as a major. From 1985, he has been a criminalist. He’s got his higher education degree in law. Since 1996 he has been developing methods of fighting terrorism and received 6 diplomas in the sphere. He is also the author of 19 novels.

ukraine Dara Korniy

Dara KorniyDara Korniy – modern Ukrainian writer. Was born in Volyn. Graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv. Works at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. The debut novel ‘Gonykhmarnyk’ was awarded with the 3rd prize at Koronatsiya Slova-2010 contest, with honour The Debut of the Year from The Reader’s Friend and Open Yourself award named after V.I. Savchenko at Portal-2011. The second and third novels ‘Because You are’ and ‘The Reverse of Light’ (2012) – The Choice of Publishers at Koronatsiya Slova. This year the new novel is coming out – ‘A Star for You’, urban fantasy.
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ukraine Mykola Kovalchuk

Mykola KovalchukMykola Kovalchuk – born in 1951. In 1971 relocated to Kiev. Graduated cum laude from the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kiev Polytechnic Institute’, from the post-graduate studies; after that worked as Research Officer in airspace industry. Dealt with aircraft of all types and Soyuz, Proton, R-36 rockets. Interest in science fiction led to Ukrainian SF bibliography classes, as nowadays the first steps of SF in Ukraine are a gap in Ukrainian literature. Bibliophile, his library extends thousand books – SF being the majority of them.
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ukraine Serhiy Krykun

Serhiy KrykunSerhiy Krykun was born in the ominous year 1984 in the deepest and obscurest part of Ukrainian countryside, clawed his way up to the city of Kyiv and decided to hold the position. Battered by all kinds of lousy jobs, he's just recently made a "leap of faith" and proclaimed himself an artist. Since then he's been writing, translating from English and illustrating glum scriptures by Richard Laymon, Clive Barker, Clarke Ashton Smith and Tom Ligotti. Sometimes he's even getting paid. Writes to «Формула кино» (“Cinema Formula”) & «Darker» on a regular basis. His debut short “Gaunt Case” story was published in “Bestiarium” anthology last month.
Horror Block

ukraine Nataliya Krynytska

Nataliya KrynytskaNataliya Krynytska (born June 25, 1973, Poltava) is a Ukrainian critic, author of over 30 publications on the problems and poetics of speculative fiction in the domestic and foreign academic journals. Since 2003 she has been fighting against the prejudice of the academia concerning speculative fiction. PhD for the research “The Ontopoetic Aspects of Ursula Le Guin’s Science Fiction and Fantasy”, Associate Professor of English and German Philology Department at Poltava Pedagogical University.

france Viktoriya & Patrice Lajoye

Viktoriya & Patrice LajoyeViktoriya Lajoye is a philologist, a graduate of the University of Voronezh, Patrice is doctor in history of religions. Together, they translate into French since 2008 works of science fiction and fantasy. They have published two anthologies, a collection of Vladimir Odoievski, a novel by Henry Lion Oldie, etc…

ukraine Serhiy Leheza

Serhiy LehezaSerhiy Leheza is a Ukrainian writer and translator, who was born in 1970 and lives in Dnipropetrovsk. He is the graduate of the historical department of the Dnipropetrovsk National University, a candidate of sciences, and works at the Sociology Chair of DNU. He has published a dozen of short stories and tens of articles on fantasy fiction and mass culture in the specialized sociological periodicals. He translated novels and short stories by J. Dukaj, J. Nowak, and J. Piekara from Polish and is an active member of the Demosphere creative workshop.

russia Lev Lobariov

Lev LobariovLev Lobariov was born in 1977 in Moscow. He was the member of FLC (Fantasy Fan Club) of MAU and MNU. He is the author of more than a hundred short stories, poems and articles, as well as an active member of role-playing. Since 1995, he was publishing the almanac Конец Эпохи (Epoch’s End) (issued until 2009), which became one of the most ‘long-lived’ fanzines in the national history. He founded the publishing house of БастианBooks (BastianBooks) using the Print-on-Demand practice. He is the organizer of the Бу!фест (Boo!Fest) Moscow Book Festival; the editor-in-chief of Мир фантастики (Fantasy Fiction World) since 2011.

ukraine Tymur Lytovchenko

Tymur LytovchenkoTymur Lytovchenko – born 04.01.1963 in Kyiv. Graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’. He was the member of the Kyiv SF Fan Clubs – ‘Heights’ and ‘Star Trek’, founder of ‘Milky Way’ SF Fan Club. Member of the National Writer's Union of Ukraine and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. Author (co-author) of 20 authorial and collective books and compilations, including 4 historical novels. One of the founders and the first Chief Editor (2007-2009) of SF quarterly publishing ‘Ukrainian Science Fiction Observer’. Prize-winner of several awards.

ukraine Yevhen Makukhin

Mocking BirdYevhen Makukhin is known in gathering as a Mocking Bird. He was born and now lives in the city of Kyiv. His first convent was Portal 2005. He likes fantasy fiction and chatting... especially on the subject of fantasy fiction. Being a particular bore, h is nevertheless able to disguise. Once he noticed that his table talks on si-fi movies can be quite popular, and got on “into the world” without even sobering up. He is somehow certain of his cinematographic competence, and is very persistent in imposing this certainty on the people around him.

ukraine Olga Matvieieva

Olga MatvieievaOlga Matvieieva (AKA Kiatlen), was born, grew up and studied in Kiev for more than 25 years ago. Studied in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, subjects: languages (English & Spanish) and Political Science. Currently works as an editor and suffering of being a PhD student. Can keep the conversation in 10 languages. Hobbies: movies, puppies, owls, history, translations, cyberanarchy, social media, and reading. Parents taught to read when she was 3, but nobody taught how not to. Now all suffer the consequences. At any time ready to discuss and talk about gender stereotypes, graphic novels, lgbt issues, YA literature, fantasy, horror and hatred for oatmeal.
Horror Block

ukraine Mykhailo Nazarenko

Mykhailo NazarenkoMykhaylo Nazarenko was born in 1977. He is an expert in literature, critic, prose-writer, and an associate professor of Taras Shevchenko KNU.The Russian translations of John Crowley, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett works were published with his commentary and under his editorship. He is the author of the books: “Реальность чуда” (“The Reality of Wonder”, on the creative activity of M. and S. Diachenko), “Поховання на могилі” (“Burial upon a Mound”, a compilation of folk legends about T.Shevchenko), “Новый минотавр” (“New Minotaur”, short stories and narratives), as well as an article cycle “За пределами ведомых нам полей” (“Beyond the Fields We Know”, on the fantasy pre-history). He is also the compiler (along with V. Puziy) of the “Мифотворцы: Портал в Европу” (“Myth-makers: Portal to Europe”) anthology.

ukraine/germany Grigoriy Panchenko

Grigoriy PanchenkoGrigoriy Panchenko is a writer, publisher and weapons expert, a biologist by the first education. He is the editor-in-chief of the speculative fiction magazine "Meridian" (Hannover, Luhansk) and the director of the eponymous literary agency. Grigoriy is the editor-in-chief of the speculative fiction anthology "Parallel", which is issued by "Shiko" publisher (Luhansk); its partners also are Ukrainian SF&F Society (VOLF), Russian online magazine "Darker" and Israel’s magazine in Russian “The Milky Way” (Mlechny Put’).

ukraine Tatiana Plikhnevich

Tatiana PlikhnevichTatiana Plikhnevich – born in 1972 in Kyiv. Member of the Kyiv SF Fan Club ‘Portal’. Convener of the International Literature Conference ‘Science Fiction Days in Kyiv’. Cooperates with magazines ‘Science Fiction Reality’ (Kyiv), ‘Renaissance’ (Kyiv), ‘Searcher. Ukraine’ (Kyiv), ‘Country of Knowledge’ (Kyiv), almanacs ‘45th Meridian’ (Simferopol), ‘Teremok’ (Kyiv), weekly publication ‘Mysteries of ХХth century’ (St. Petersburg). The topic of papers, entries, literary works – fantastic (in all senses) Mesoamerica.

ukraine Heorhii Pocheptsov

pocheptsov_t.jpgHeorhii Pocheptsov was born in 1949. He graduated from the cybernetics department of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 1971. He has been the member of the Writer's Union since 1981 and a Merited Journalist of Ukraine since 1999. He is a Doctor of Philology, a professor, the head of the Information Politics Chair of NAPA under the Office of the President of Ukraine, the head of the Marketing Chair of ISU, and the author of more than 40 scientific works. He wrote more than 20 books for children, mainly, the fantasy tales. He also worked as a head of International Communications and Public Relations Chair of IIR of Taras Shevchenko KNU, and as the supervisor of Strategic Initiatives Supervision under the Office of the President of Ukraine.

ukraine Maksym Prasolov

Maksym PrasolovMaksym Prasolov – (born in 1976 in Chernivtsi) – modern Ukrainian writer and graphical prose publisher. Studied at the State University of Management (Moscow) and Stockholm School of Economics. Founded Nebeskey Publishing House and is the co-author of graphical blockbuster novel – ‘Daogopak’, recognized as the Book of 2012 Year in Ukraine. This book was the announcement of a range of projects aimed at renovation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage in the graphical prose genre, based on topics from Ukrainian history and mythology.

russia Aleksandr Prozorov

Aleksandr ProzorovAleksandr Prozorov – born in 1962 in St. Petersburg. Studied at the university, served in the army, worked as developer, bus driver and automobile mechanic. Since 1992 has been apocheptsovctively engaged in literary activities. Initially was published under the name of Net Prickly. Meanwhile a range of stories and ten novels were published in the World of Spiders line. In 2001 he entered the Union of Writers of Russia and has been published under his own name since that. So far several dozens of novels, stories and short stories were published.

ukraine Anastasiia Rohoza

Anastasiia RohozaAnastasiia Rohoza was born in Kyiv, 1984. As a native resident of the capital of Ukraine she likes to consider herself a latent witch interested abnormally in demonology and paranormal. Engulfed with the horror culture since the conception age, she devoted her literature projects to Stephen King and her Master's investigation to Clive Barker's "Imajica". At the moment, she's desperately trying to reconcile the features of a high-school English teacher by profession, a translator by craft, and a writer by vocation.
Horror Block

ukraine Anton Sanchenko

А.СанченкоAnton Sanchenko – was born in 1966 in Kherson. Graduated from high school in Kiev (1983), maritime college – in Kherson (1986). Worked as the head of broadcasting station in Kerch, Kherson, Odessa and foreign ships. Graduated from the philological faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev (2005). His stories were published in magazines, newspapers and literary websites. He had published several collections of stories and a novel. Took part in several translation projects. Is engaged in publishing, distribution and promotion of ebooks.
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russia Aleksander Sidorovich

Aleksander SidorovichAlexander Sidorovich - was born in 1960. He is the editor-in-chief of the “Leningrad” Publishing House and a prominent representative of the Russian fandom. In 1983 he became one of the founders of the Club of SF Fans “MYTH –XX” and its chairman. In 1990 Alexander organized one of the first SF conventions in the USSR, Interpresscon, at which the awards “The Bronze Snail” and “Interpresscon” are given. He is a laureate of a number of awards for his contribution to fandom development, for editing, etc. In 2011 he received the European SF Award as the best publisher.

ukraine Yuriy Shevela

Yuriy ShevelaYuryi Shevela – Kyiv completist, bibliographer, initiator of SF fan club and museum. Shevela about himself: ‘Having started to read at 4, being fascinated by SF forever at 12, I dedicated my life to Books. And not only to Books! I have gathered huge Library and Collection of exhibits and become one of the best (dare I say it!) SF bibliographers on the ex-Soviet area. Being an active participant of ‘Star Trek’ SF Fan Club, I have founded ‘Pilot of Science Fiction’ SF Fan Club in 2000, and opened the Museum of SF and Cosmonautics in 2011’.

russia Nina Tsyurupa

Nina TsyurupaNina Tsyurupa – born in Moscow in 1983. In 2006 graduated from Gorky Literary Institute. Worked as a journalist, analyst, secretary, teacher, kindergartener, editor, reviewer, etc. Likes SF and anime. She is the member of the organizing committee of the St. Petersburg SF Assembly, is responsible for anime-section. Her debut novel ‘Person to Person’ was awarded with ‘Bronze Caduceus’ prize in 2011 as The Best Debut Book and was nominated for several other awards.
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russia Stepan Vartanov

Stepan VartanovStepan Vartanov graduated from the Chemistry Department of MNU (1987) and finished his post-graduate studies of the Biochemistry Institute. He was the member and even a prize-winner of Уральский следопыт (Ural Pathfinder) quizzes. He is the author of more than ten novels and novelettes and twenty short stories. The main corpse of his early works was published in All-Union Creative Association anthologies. His debut short story Город Трора (The City of Tror) (1988, 1991), is a peculiar ethnic fantasy of anti-philistine orientation. After a ten-year recess, the new novel Маятник (Pendulum) was published in 2012.
Guest of the Kyiv SF…

ukraine Oleksandr Vasylkivsky

Oleksandr VasylkivskyOlexandr Vasylkivsky – fan and translator, author of articles on science fiction and fandom. Born in Kyiv in 1962. Graduated from KPI. From 1984 took active part in Svitovyd and Zoryany Shlyah SF Fan Clubs. Jointly with Borys Sydiuk in 1990-93 published English-language fanzine Chernobylization. In 1991-94 worked as translator and fiction translations editor for various Kyiv-based publishers. Attended three Worldcons and seven Eurocons. Eurocons 2006 and 2013 committee member. Reviews foreign awards on Fantlab.

ukraine Ilona Volynskaya and Kirill Kashcheiev

Ilona Volynskaya and Kirill KashcheievIlona Volynskaya and Kirill Kashcheiev, have been working together since 1998. Their first work is their son, Stas. Together, they are the authors of teenager fantasy-series ‘Irka Khortytsia – super witch’, Moscow, Eksmo Publishing House (in Ukraine published as ‘Irka Khortytsia – Naddnepryanskaya witch’); fantasy-series based on Siberian mythology ‘Sivir’ - Moscow, Eksmo Publishing House (‘Dongar – great shaman’, ‘Heir of the magnetic mountain’, ‘Priestess of Blue Fire’, ‘Khadamakha, Bear’s Brother’) and teenage detective series ‘White Goose detective agency’.

ukraine Volodymyr Yeshkilyev

Volodymyr YeshkilyevVolodymyr Yeshkilyev (born 23.05.1965 in Ivano-Frankivsk) – prose writer, essayist, poet, cultural specialist. Member of the National Writer's Union of Ukraine since 2012. Member of the Ukrainian Writers Union since 1997. Judge of Karpatska Mantykora literary competition. Member of the expert board of the all-Ukrainian Book of the Year rating. Board member of the Ukrainian Science Fiction & Fantasy Society. Author of eight published novels, three books of stories, collector of several anthologies and glossary of the Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia of Actual Literature (MUEAL).

azerbaijan Magerram Zeynalov

Магеррам ЗейналовMagerram Zeynalov – lives in Baku (Azerbaijan). Has two educations: journalist and Caucasus scholar – conflict management. Works at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. He is the co-founder of Baku fan club ‘Baku Science Fiction’ (FAKU) and the administrator of website. Author of SF stories and papers about literature (science fiction in particular), published in Baku, Tbilisi and Kiev magazines, newspapers and almanacs.

ukraine Andriy Zhelvetro

Andriy ZhelvetroAndriy Zhelvetro – the head of book Internet-publisher Prostobook, which was in TOP-5 best Internet-start-ups in Ukraine in 2011. The jury of the ‘Last Wave’ International Literary Contest. The author of two books, one of which is the first in Ukraine nonfiction book about student life, written upon graduation from the university. Psychologist by training. Lives and works in Kiev.
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ukraine Nadiya Zholobak

Nadiya ZholobakNadiya Zholobak is Candidate of Sciences (Biology), Senior Research Worker of Danilo Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

ukraine «AndrosLand»

AndrosLand music project (Kyiv, Ukraine) was founded by Oleg Andros in 2011. Genres – acoustic rock, dream trance, new age. In 2012 the first concert line-up of the project is being formed: Tirex - vocals, Oleg Andros – keyboards, Igor Rud’ – guitar. The band embarks on its first performance on the Stepogray-2012 festival in Kirovohrad oblast where it performs mixed electronic and acoustic program. In summer, 2012 Lila Pereguda (vocals) joins the line-up. Full-length album is still being recorded and mastered.