Visa and Border rules



Foreigners and stateless persons enter Ukraine only when they have a passport and a certain type of visa, which is required by a current legislation or an international agreement, if there are no other requirements. Copies of passports, visas and other documents confirmed by a notary give no right to cross the state border.
Citizens of Russian Federation and Belarus can cross the State Border with the internal passport.
Attention! ID-card, which identifies the personality, gives no right to cross the State Border of Ukraine.
The list of countries, citizens of which enter Ukraine without a visa:
· EU countries
· CIS countries(with the exception of Turkmenistan)
· Other European countries: Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Vatican.
· Other world countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mongolia, Paraguay, South Korea, USA.

Border Rules

Short guide of procedures for bringing personal belongings into/out of Ukraine by individuals

1. If you are 18 years of age or over you can import free of customs duties and taxes:
· 1 liter of strong alcoholic beverages
· 2 liters of wine
· 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 gr. tobacco
2. PERSONAL BELONGINGS are not subject to customs duties or taxes, though a customs officer has a right to ask you to make a written declaration in relation to them.
3. A person can bring in FOOD products free of customs duties and taxes if their total value does not exceed 50 EUR. However, food products should not weigh more than 2 kilos in total, and there should not be more than one package of the same product.
4. GOODS with the total value of less than 200 EUR may be brought in free of customs duties and taxes. If the value of your goods is greater than 200 EUR, but less than 1000 EUR they will need to be declared on a customs personal declaration form. If the value of the goods is greater than 1000 EUR the goods will be subject to clearance in accordance with the import declaration requirements for imported cargo.
5. With subject to oral declaration, the total value of CASH per one person, regardless of age, should not exceed the equivalent of 10000 EUR. 


· The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
· The State Custom Service of Ukraine