Eurocon-2013 has been granted to Kiev during Eurocon-2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is planned that Eurocon 2013, the 35th European Science Fiction Convention, will be run on 2nd weekend of April 2013. It means April 11-14, 2013. The dates for the convention decided in mid December, 2011 after a regular book exhibition run by our hosting sponsor Medvin Kiev Book Fair by Medvin Exhibition Company. It is planned that Eurocon 2013 will have at least 4 program flows: Science with main accent to Space exploration, SF/F/H Literature, Writers workshop with masterclasses, European Fandom and its development. Also RPG, Anime and other program events will take place. And of course, there will be Spring Medvin Kiev Book Fair.

At the moment we run negotiations with possible GoHs.

The convention is being organized by Ukrainian SF&F Society (VOLF) and Medvin Exhibition company.

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